About Us

About Us

Who are we

For over a decade, i2m has been a full service IT provider, helping small to mid-size companies utilize technology to become successful and grow, helping large enterprises better utilize their technologies to become more efficient, and helping every business become more competitive and use technology as a differentiator.

What we do

We find ourselves using cloud technologies more and more. Not because it’s “cool” right now and not because it’s the “next big thing,” but because we are finding that it offers access to technologies and infrastructure that our clients could never hope to reasonably build or reproduce locally. Cloud technologies offer low cost redundancy, backups and disaster recovery solutions, help control costs when extending existing, or building new, infrastructure, and offer a low barrier of entry. It’s getting harder and harder for us to recommend significant investments into local infrastructure, when for a small monthly fee, we can build best-of-breed solutions in a best-of-breed cloud based environment.

From a single server or service to running your entire business on the cloud, i2m offers turn-key solutions. From design and build, implementation, integration to training, management, monitoring and support once it’s all running.

A Different Type of IT Partner

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Why i2m?

Because we pride ourselves in being a different type of technology provider, one that is interested in your success above all else. We take our projects personally; your success is our success. We take the time to present solutions in ways you can understand, no techno-babble here. We have a dedicated highly certified and trained engineers that offer an extra-ordinary level of support. Focusing on no-nonsense solutions and rapid execution, i2m is a trusted and reliable partner for companies that lack access to the broad set of resources required to design and implement complete technology solutions. We pride ourselves in efficiency by using automation and deployment tools for management, optimization and operations to further remove human error, by delivering efficiency and rapid project execution to our clients. Let i2m help guide you through the exciting options that cloud technologies can offer your company. Let us show you how surprisingly affordable a complete, managed, and monitored cloud solution from i2m can be.