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WPTC XRAY Imaging Solution

Business Challenge: Western Pneumatic Tube Company is a subsidiary of Leggett and Platt, they are a manufacturing plant that produces mission critical metal tubing for the aerospace industry. Their tubing is in many of the most popular commercial airplanes that you have probably traveled in.

Harvest Books: S3 solution

Business Challenge: Harvest Books is a reseller of used books and books that are collections items and novelty to pieces that are very difficult to find and purchase, Harvest Books uses amazon along with their store front to sell their books. Harvest Books was looking for an easy solution to

Impact Services Corporation

Business Challenge Impact Services Corporation is a large non-profit organization with over 200 employees. Prior to their cloud migration, they faced the following challenges: IT infrastructure difficulties due to weather and power outages at branch offices Slow performance of local legacy in


  Business Challenge Lifeline Specialty Outpatient Centers (Lifeline) is a sleep study center with six locations in western Pennsylvania. Lifeline has over 40 users, including doctors, sleep lab technicians, a management team, and a customer service team. Prior to i2mcloud migration, Lif

Diversified Lighting Associates

Business Challenge Diversified Lighting Associates (DLA) is a commercial lighting distributor with over 70 employees. Prior to i2mcloud migration, they faced the following challenges: Branch offices and remote users suffered from weather-prone infrastructure and power outages Slow performance