Check_MK/ Nagios Monitoring of Hosts, Services and Processes

Check_MK/ Nagios Monitoring of Hosts, Services and Processes

The system i2m uses is based on Check_MK, which is an extension to the Nagios monitoring core, which is the open source industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring and alerting.



Check_mk adds many more features and efficiencies to the Nagios core such as:

  • Automatic service recognition and configuration generation.
  • Check_MK introduces a extremely efficient and lightweight monitoring agent in which each host is contacted only once per check Interval regardless of the number of checks being queried. Resulting check results are sent to Nagios as passive checks. This saves substantial resources on the server and client.
  • Livestatus is a Nagios broker module that provides a direct connection to status data on hosts and services via a unix socket.  This allows for SQL like query access to all monitoring data an easy integration into other applications and reporting tools.
  • Distributed monitoring is greatly simplified by integrating multiple monitoring entities via Livestatus to a central NOC or monitoring node.  This provides easy centralized management and monitoring while providing independent access to individual nodes.
  • The web administration tool makes the administration of a Check_MK-based system easy. Not only can you manage hosts and services and the typical Check_MK rules, but also users, roles, groups, time periods, classic Nagios checks and much more without ever having to access the command line or hand modify configuration files.
  • Check_MK’s new notifications system makes the configuration of notifications simple and flexible. Multiple notification channels can be defined and configured per user and at a very granular level.
  • A business intelligence module is integrated into the multi-site gui. It aggregates status data from numerous hosts and services to provide a simplified status of complex applications and similar processes.
  • The mobile version of the multisite gui is optimized for smart-phones and tablets and enables access to all status data while on the road.
  • The Check_MK event console integrates the processing of log messages from syslog, a SNMP trap daemon or other applications into the monitoring core. Its own daemon (mkeventd). The daemon can be configured with a flexible rule set via the web administration tool and can process over 1.000 messages per second.

i2m adds further value to Check_MK/Nagios by:

  • Having fifteen years of experience with Nagios and eight years with Check_MK
  • Proven track record of successful, large, secure and distributed implementations of Nagios and Check_MK
  • i2m itself uses Check_MK everyday to provide monitoring for its worldwide clients (20+ nodes, 500+ hosts, 5000+ services)
  • An extensive library of custom checks.
  • Custom notifications channel that provide integration of SMS and alert-to-speech to Check_MK.
  • Custom plug-ins for the multisite gui.
  • Integration of OpenVPN and ssh port forwarding for secure access to NOC and monitoring nodes and inter-node communication.
  • i2m are certified AWS partners and can securely integrate external and internal monitoring nodes.
  • and much more….


  • Both Check_MK Raw Edition and Nagios Core are open source and require no licensing fees
  • Both tools run on your favorite flavor of Linux and require no OS licensing fees
  • i2m provides installation services and ongoing management services for Check_MK/Nagios
  • Simple, predictable, and affordable billing structure.


Please contact us with any additional questions or  get a quote and please let us know how we can can help.