Client Experiences

Client Experiences

Case Studies

DLA Diversified Lighting Associates:

A Lighting Distributor with branch office problems connecting to headquarters, into a cost effective cloud solution that increased productivity, reliability, durability and recovery.
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Western Pneumatic Tube Company:

An automated cloud imaging solution that saved the organization time and money, that is scalable and agile.
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Impact Services Cooperation:

Taking a non-profit organization from aging and unreliable infrastructure to a modernized cloud environment that put finances back in the hand of those in need.
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A HIPAA compliant cloud environment that decreased the overall cost of operation. While increasing security and agility by enabling the organization to work from anywhere anytime.
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Equity Retail Brokers:

A hybrid cloud solution, that increased reliability and provided a durable solution for running the companies’ CRM application with Active Directory and file services in the cloud.
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Harvest Books:

An online book retailer who uses Amazon S3 cloud storage to serve media content for its online store. Creating cost effective and elastic storage solution with the highest durability in its class.
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Rob S. / Equity Retail Brokers

“Since migrating to the cloud with i2m we have had less disruptions more reliability and better control of IT costs.”

“My 12 year old son was pretty impressed how you fixed our issue at 75 MPH in the middle of nowhere via my phone’s wifi hotspot”

Mailee W. /  Claneil Foundation:

“Going to cloud has made our core organizational purpose and our foundation more mobile and agile”

Anna B. / Lifeline Sleep Centers

“i2mcloud helped us decrease our monthly IT spend by up to 50% giving us a leading edge as a Sleep Study Centers cutting down our operational cost down significantly. Making us more mobile and agile to conduct Sleep Studies from anywhere securely and efficiently.”

Graham L. / WPTC

“i2m has transformed the way we take X-Ray Imaging with a backup and archiving solution that fits our operations budgets and controls while simplifying our systems”

Patricia M. / Diversified Lighting Associates

“i2m has been, a reliable partner who helped us transform our IT to a cloud solution that keeps our business running efficiently while increasing stability. This help our Branch offices and Sales people work from anywhere anytime, reliably and securely.”

Michael K. / Sharp Services UDG

“i2m as implemented a global Monitoring Network for our global Infrastructure, giving us global insight to our data systems and infrastructure”