Cloud Backup And Storage

Cloud Backup And Storage

i2mcloud Enterprise Backup®

A Fully Managed Enterprise Grade System State and File Backup and Restore Service

amazoni2mcloud Enterprise Backup® can achieve almost unlimited scalability and is gentle on your systems and network resources. With a notably small memory footprint, it can leverage the full capacity of your infrastructure cloud and on premise. Enterprises of any size now have a certified enterprise-class scalable network backup solution as a realistic alternative to proprietary offerings.

i2mcloud Enterprise Backup® balances innovation with enterprise class stability, bringing modern, highly scalable backup and restore to your business. Thousands of organizations worldwide have adopted this service in mission-critical environments thanks to its modern, modular and multi-threaded design.



  • Designed for safe, reliable, deployment, in heterogeneous environments.
  • Is a highly stable and reliable cloud and on-premises backup solution.
  • No vendor lock-in.
  • Offers outstanding universal de-duplication capabilities.
  • Backs up to disk, tape, cloud, and robotic media libraries


  • Has advanced levels of security built in every layer.
  • Can back up any Microsoft SQL databases or Linux/Unix Database servers.
  • Industry Standard SSL encryption during transfer.
  • 256 AES-bit encryption during Transfer

Managed Archiving

Infinitely scalable and highly durable, backed by Amazon Glacier is ideal for data archiving and online backup, for infrequently accessed data, the best replacement to on premise tape backup.

Managed Amazon S3

Object storage for backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Secure: SSL encryption in transfer and object encryption at rest. Secured and Public URL to objects.

Managed Content Delivery

Highly scalable and durable, Content Delivery Network powered by AWS is ideal for content storage and distribution, speed up your website/application media content, have a regional or global presence for your content managed.