Impact Services Corporation

Impact Services Corporation

Business Challenge

Impact Services Corporation is a large non-profit organization with over 200 employees. Prior to their cloud migration, they faced the following challenges:

  • IT infrastructure difficulties due to weather and power outages at branch offices
  • Slow performance of local legacy infrastructure
  • Connectivity issues between headquarters and branch offices
  • Exchange email hosted on a non-dedicated server, creating heavy data bottlenecks
  • A legacy backup system, which experienced repeated failures and required frequent maintenance, as well as expensive local physical storage space and servers
  • An unreliable on-site monitoring/alert system

i2m Solution

i2m designed and implemented a plan to maximize the benefits of both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and i2mcloud. The implementation included the following changes to Impact Service Corporation’s IT infrastructure:

  • Consolidated and migrated on-site IT infrastructure to a cloud-based Windows Active Directory infrastructure with File/Print/Application and Remote Desktop Servers, which are shared by branch offices and remote users
  • Designed to allow for high availability and redundancy
  • Created IPSEC VPN tunnels to each branch office, ensuring a secure connection between the offices and the AWS Virtual Private Cloud
  • Migrated mission-critical accounting application, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), from a legacy Windows 2003 MS SQL to Windows Server 2012 R2, utilizing RDS/Remote App for access
  • Created a new Exchange based email system, giving branch offices and headquarters direct access to the email system, which reduced traffic and increased speed
  • Connected branch offices and remote users directly to a cloud-based Remote Desktop Server using Remote Apps or full RDP desktop, which allows 24/7 access to data and applications
  • Implemented i2mcloud Enterprise Backup, which is a server-less backup solution using AWS S3 as a back-end and light clients on each server or other critical machines
  • Designed a reliable cloud-based monitoring and alert system


The following AWS technology was used:

  • EC2
  • VPC
  • S3
  • Glacier
  • IAM

i2m Solution Benefits

Migrating to the cloud optimizes IT infrastructure, which allows headquarters, branch offices, and remote users seamless connectivity 24/7, from any device. Cloud migration increases stability, availability, and redundancy, as well as increases performance gains for critical business applications.

Impact Service Corporation users noticed immediate performance improvements with the implementation of a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics (GP). The application was quick and stable, and users easily adapted to the new version. With the Remote App Setup, processing now occurs in the cloud, but it performs for the end user as if it is a local application.

An updated IT infrastructure allows for more efficient and effective personnel, which lowers operating expenses. Impact Services Corporation is now able to focus on serving their community. These solutions did not require any significant  upfront capital expenditures, and they give Impact Services Corporation the scalability and flexibility to meet their future technology needs at a low monthly rate. Migrating to the cloud also gave them the power to quickly adopt new technology and software applications to meet their needs.

Further projects include replacing legacy workstations with Amazon Workspaces. The cloud desktops will extend the life of Impact Services Corporation’s infrastructure, and convenient pay-as-you-go billing options eliminate the need for upfront capital.