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i2m for your AWS Microsoft Workloads  

We have been building Microsoft workloads on AWS before most other cloud providers were in the game. Does your cloud provider have the same mature services as AWS that complement your Windows workload? We doubt it.

i2m is an AWS partner focusing on deploying Best Practice solutions for Microsoft Windows and Active Directory services and applications on AWS. We specialize in creating a cloud native environment for your organization’s Microsoft workloads using AWS Services. i2m has been in the cloud journey with AWS very early in its establishment along with other cloud providers but AWS proved to be the most advanced and agile cloud provider for Microsoft Workloads to date.

Amazon EC2 for MicrosoftWindows Server Partner

i2m is an Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Partners who delivers services for Amazon EC2, managing secure, reliable, and high-performance environments for deploying Windows-based applications and workloads.

Windows EC2 Instances

Utilize Windows Server SQL Server Workloads. Preserve Legacy Windows applications in the cloud on EC2 Instances. Leverage the combination of AWS’s built in EC2 Systems Manager and i2m’s powerful custom patching and monitoring solutions to keep your infrastructure in perfect health and fleet managed and governed at scale.

AWS Directory Services

Fast to Deploy
Easy to Mange
Connect to your corporate directory in minutes.Give access to AWS accounts, resources and services like AWS Workspaces, WorkDocs and Appstream 2.0

AWS SSO Organization

Centrally manage access to AWS accounts.Integrate with your existing corporate directory through AWS Directory Service, enabling users and groups to authenticate using their enterprise credentials to access AWS accounts, applications and services.

AWS Migration Services

With the help AWS Migration Services and i2m’s deep dives into your environments’. We make sure we don’t miss anything in your migration plan.

AWS Marketplace Solutions

We help you integrate popular AWS Marketplace Solutions like NVIDIA GRID GPU Windows solutions, CIS Benchmark and a variety of Windows marketplace solutions.

Windows DevOps

Build Production, Dev, Test and Simulation Environments using CloudFormation Stacks. Deploy your AWS EC2 Windows Workloads with Service Catalog with integration into your AD Infrastructure making it easy and efficient for your teams to self-deploy standardized and iterative templates of your EC2 Windows Workloads. Automate your Windows operational tasks and gain better visibility to your resources.

Automation and DevOps of Windows Applications and Recovery is not as straight forward as managing your Linux Application. We break down the complexity of Windows state-full architectures in to manageable AWS Solutions major hardware upgrades every few years just to keep up. Adjust storage, memory and processing power on the fly to meet your growing needs.

Remote Applications & Desktop

i2m has been building Microsoft RemoteApps and Remote Desktops in a cloud-native environment on AWS while delivering application modernization for your Windows workloads.

Save money by offloading computing power to Windows EC2 Instances and not investing in major hardware upgrades every few years just to keep up. Adjust storage, memory and processing power on the fly to meet your growing needs. No more worrying about unexpected infrastructure requirements those days are gone.

Windows Applications Migrated and Modernized

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
CCH Axcess,CCH ProSystems FX and Global FX
Sage FAS
Microsoft Dynamics
Oasis ERP
Floor Right
Sage ACT!
Floor Manager

Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery for EC2 Windows Workloads

We create a custom DR Plan and Strategy for existing AWS Windows Applications on EC2 and AWS Windows Environments. Get to know how powerful and cost effective AWS is for your Business Continuity Plan. We specialize at recovering your on premise and cloud based windows applications to AWS.

SaaS Providers

If you are a SaaS provider or Software Vendor and you’re still only selling your windows application as an on-premise solution you are behind. i2m will help you SaaSify your legacy or modern windows software to run on AWS Windows EC2 to capitalize on the financial and technical benefits. We can help deploy your application on the AWS Marketplace to be your own SaaS provider and join the software subscription services party.

Windows Licensing on AWS

We will help you take advantage of your existing Microsoft Mobility and Software Assurance licenses and make use of your exiting volume licenses so you get the best value from your existing purchases.

Microsoft Partner

We help you integrate your AWS Environment with popular services like O365, Azure AD Sync Services using AWS Windows EC2 Instances. We specialize in O365 Enterprise deployments for Exchange, Office, Teams and more.

Find out how i2m can help your organization by deploying, managing and optimizing your Microsoft Workloads on AWS

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