Include Information Management is now i2m!

Include Information Management is now i2m!

Include Information Management started as a small IT consulting firm over 11 years ago, trying to redefine what IT support can be.  We wanted to be a different type of IT partner.   The success and growth of our business over the years has been a testament of our ability to meet that goal.  During this time, we have greatly expanded the services we offer, the quality and expertise of our partners and employees, and we have shored up our internal processes and controls to facilitate our growth.  We continue to be excited about the future and the growing set of services and expertise we can offer to our existing and new clients alike.

As we have become more focused in our goals, we believe we needed to become more focused with who we are. Over the years, you have known us as i2m, Include Information Management, i2m cloud, i2m technical services, etc.

We are happy to announce that we are now simply i2m, with a new logo, new website, and a new focus on both growth and our goal to redefine what IT can be.

We sincerely want to thank all of our existing clients who helped us become the successful business we are today.  We promise to continue our uber level of service, our commitment to bringing the best technology solutions to the table, and to re-win your business everyday.

Please visit our new web site. It offers a new and more focused view of what we offer and it also provides a new platform to meet our goal of establishing i2m as thought leaders in the technical spaces we occupy. We want to share our knowledge and make our web site a technical destination for IT professionals looking for help and solutions in areas such as clouds services, operating and network systems, and other “deep-technical” topics.

We’re here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact i2m for practical real-world solutions for your technical goals and challenges.