sshfs “read: Connection reset by peer” issue

sshfs “read: Connection reset by peer” issue

You got a box you ssh with keys to every day no issue… and you are like, “Hey, I’d like create a mount to make it easier to work on that box”, you use sshfs with the same credentials/keys and you simply get:

read: Connection reset by peer

Ok, you turn on debugging and the like.. no clues.. and proceed to waste 2 hours goggling like I did….

This is what was doing it for me.. relative vs. absolute paths to the key and mount point… either missed it in the man page or whatever…

Where as this did not work:

sshfs <user>@<host>:. ./pick/ADR -o IdentityFile=.ssh/<key>
-o ServerAliveInterval=60 -o Port=2322

This does:

sshfs <user>@<host>:. /home/<user>/pick/ADR -o IdentityFile=/home/<user>/.ssh/<key>
-o ServerAliveInterval=60 -o Port=2322

(both examples moved to 2 lines to fit better.. there obviously is no linefeed mid command…)

I’m sure there is a good reason why this user space tool requires an absolute path… but…

Hope this helps…