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IaaS or Cloud Infrastructure

Each customer’s environment is set-up in a separate account and all infrastructure is secured in a Virtual Private Cloud. The Virtual Private Cloud is connected to the corporate office via an encrypted VPN tunnel from which all cloud resources are accessible. Utilizing secure access met

Cloud VS On Premise

Feature/Benefits Cloud On-Premise Data Center and Server Room Capacity and Consumption Reduces the size of your data center or server room significantly. No more on premise equipment. Minimizes and significantly reduces your power and cooling consumption to keep each server/system running. Yo

Impact Services Corporation

Business Challenge Impact Services Corporation is a large non-profit organization with over 200 employees. Prior to their cloud migration, they faced the following challenges: IT infrastructure difficulties due to weather and power outages at branch offices Slow performance of local legacy in

Diversified Lighting Associates

Business Challenge Diversified Lighting Associates (DLA) is a commercial lighting distributor with over 70 employees. Prior to i2mcloud migration, they faced the following challenges: Branch offices and remote users suffered from weather-prone infrastructure and power outages Slow performance