WPTC XRAY Imaging Solution

WPTC XRAY Imaging Solution

Business Challenge:

Western Pneumatic Tube Company is a subsidiary of Leggett and Platt, they are a manufacturing plant that produces mission critical metal tubing for the aerospace industry. Their tubing is in many of the most popular commercial airplanes that you have probably traveled in. Western Pneumatic Tube Company has an XRAY process which is used to test every nano-meter of each tube for any defects, weld points, or weakness in structure, this process is extremely technical and is meant to ensure the precision quality and safety of the products produced. This X-RAY process produces a high volume of X-Ray Images on a daily basis. These X-Ray Images must be preserved for each of their customers in case of aerospace faults, investigative purposes for a reference of history in case any unforeseen disaster may happen these X-RAY images are recalled to make sure that there was no fault in the tubing used. This required that all the X-Ray Images be archived after 45 days of production to Local Storage. This was being handled by Multiple Storage NASs that backed up to each other to provide a Primary and Secondary in case one the physical devices failing. Which they did quite often.  This legacy type of Archiving method was outdated used up too much of the local bandwidth available on the network. Users on each side of the Manufacturing plant were suffering from Application/ File Access while the X-RAY Imaging Process of Archiving was carried out. IT had to constantly bring up new NAS’s and replace dying ones frequently. The amount Storage space was to capacity always have to add more space to suffice the amounts GB of data produced daily.

i2m Solution:

We recognized the use of AWS and #i2m | cloud, would be the perfect fit for this business challenge. We decided to use the AWS Snowball, to export all the existing Archived Data 10’s of TB of data, along with Amazon S3 and Glacier. Data was first imported to S3 by using the AWS Snowball. Once all the data that was archived on NAS’s was uploaded to S3, we then archived that data into Glacier. We were then able to restore any X-RAY images required by customers or Western Pneumatic in 3-5 hours. We then created a recurring backup job using #i2m | cloud Enterprise Backup to fetch any new images produced daily and back that up to S3-Infrequent Access, for seldom and fast retrieval for any X-RAY images that are most recently produced.

AWS technology used: i2mcloud technology used:
S3, Glacier, IAM. Snowball i2mcloud Enterprise Backup
i2mcloud Monitoring Services

i2m Solution Benefits:

By using i2m and AWS Glacier we were able to provide an infinitely scalable Archiving Solution that was extremely durable, redundant compared to using the on premise storage devices. All the local Archiving Storage NAS’s were decommissioned. This reduced the IT dependency, time and money spent maintaining the hardware and storage infrastructure. Using the AWS Snowball made it easy, fast and secure to transfer the huge amounts of data out of their local infrastructure into AWS. Using S3-IA along with i2mcloud Enterprise Backup to back up the most recent XRAY Images, provided a fast and easy way to retrieve any images required on the fly. This was the least expensive solution compared to other solution that were analyzed. XRAY Images now are processed a lot faster more securely, and durable. This left both the IT Staff and Western Pneumatic able to sleep at night and not worry about failing or dying infrastructure that constantly need to be maintained.