Business Challenge

Harvest Books is a reseller of used books and books that are collectors items and novelty pieces that are very difficult to find and purchase, Harvest Books uses amazon along with their store front to sell their books. Harvest Books was looking for an easy solution to be able to reference pictures of these book covers for sellers on

i2m Solution

We recognized the use of AWS and i2m, would be the perfect fit for this business challenge. We decided to use Amazon S3 to better serve the pictures to public users and to the template. We created a bucket structure to better serve the photos so they are not occupying the same S3 backend and overwhelming the system when multiple calls are made. We gave users access using CloudBerry Explorer and Cloud Berry Drive so the content could easily be uploaded and manipulated directly from the user’s desktops for ease of use and efficiency. By using S3, we were able to generate public URL’s to these images that were accessible from anywhere and easily uploaded and updated when required.

The following AWS technology was used:

  • S3
  • Glacier
  • IAM
  • AWS Config and Cloudtrail

The following i2m managed technology was implemented:

  • CloudBerry Drive
  • CloudBerry Explorer

i2m Solution Benefits

By using S3 we were able to provide an infinitely scalable, durable store and fetch solution that fit the challenge appropriately. Using S3 was very cost-efficient compared to other solutions that were analyzed. Harvest Books recognized the power of S3 and are using it now for multiple functions of their business and personal use cases.