Business Challenge

Sharp Packaging Solutions (Sharp) works across the world to create unique commercial and clinical packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. They are made up of two dynamic international divisions, Sharp Packaging Solutions and Sharp Clinical Services. Together their 1,800-strong team works from state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. Prior to i2m migration, they faced the following challenges:

  • Headquarters, Branch offices needed an update to it’s client facing applications and informational sites.
  • Slow performance of local legacy infrastructure serving FTP/SFTP, Monitoring, Public Website, and Document Managed System.
  • A legacy end-point back-up system was prone to errors and required frequent maintenance, as well as expensive physical storage space and servers.

i2m Solution

Recognizing that AWS would be an ideal fit for SHARP, i2m implemented a plan to maximize the benefits of both, including the following changes to Sharp’s IT infrastructure:

  • Redesigned and migrated on-site infrastructure for SFTP, Global Monitoring, Web-Hosting, DNS management to cloud-based solutions
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Cloud based S/FTP
  • Cloud based DNS Management – Amazon Route53
  • Global Cloud Alerting/Monitoring Solution
  • Cloud based document Storage and Management Systems
  • Druva In-Sync Cloud Protection Suite Implementation and Management

i2m added additional DR and Business Continuity features for SHARP’s new cloud environment

Druva InSync for mobile device security and backup giving Sharp new mobile end-point capabilities:

  • Self-Service
    • Users are able to control their own backup and restore operations.
  • Endpoint Data Protection
    • High performance backup, encryption, remote wipe and geo-location of laptops and smart devices
  • Data Compliance Monitoring
    • Identification and remediation at-rest sensitive data risks (PHI, PII, PCI)
  • Federated Search
    • Quick location of files across endpoints and cloud applications
  • Legal Hold Management & eDiscovery Enablement
    • Instantly preserve custodian data for investigative and litigation needs
  • OS Migration and Device Refresh
    • Centralized management for large-scale migrations and self-service refreshes Endpoint Data Protection

We designed a global cloud based monitoring/alerting system for their on premise and cloud based resources giving Sharp and us complete visibility and control into their global environments.

CloudHealth for ongoing Cost Management, Governance, Security, Optimization

The following AWS technology was used:

  • Cloudformation
  • EC2 – Linux
  • VPC
  • S3
  • Glacier
  • IAM
  • Single Sign On for AWS Solution Architects
  • AWS Config and Cloudtrail

The following i2m managed technology was implemented:

  • i2m Monitoring/Alerting System – Nagios Check_MK
  • Druva InSync Endpoint Protection
  • OWNCloud
  • S/FTP
  • Web-Hosting
  • CloudHealth

i2m Solution Benefits

By migrating Sharp to the cloud, i2m optimized their infrastructure, which allowed its customers to connect seamlessly to the cloud provided solutions anywhere and from any device. This connectivity increased Sharp’s stability, availability, and redundancy, as well as increased performance gains for their critical business client applications and services. Migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure has had many benefits, including a reduced system problems, and added quick recovery in case of failure. Full recovery time was reduced from 1-2 weeks to just a few hours.

Sharp is now able to focus on their core business, rather than their client IT systems and applications. These solutions did not require any up front capital cost and give Sharp the scalability and flexibility to meet for their future technology needs. Migrating to the cloud also gave Sharp the power to quickly adopt new technology and to test and develop new software applications and services to meet their needs.

The success of this migration pushed Sharp with the help of i2m to move all of their end-point backup infrastructure to a complete cloud-based solution, provided by Druva co-managed and optimized by i2m.

Staff embraced the new cloud solutions quickly as they required no additional training in using their client facing applications. Druva InSync provided a great level of insight, compliance and governance over Sharp’s mobile data and devices globally. Client’s had a better customer experience with the client facing applications.