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Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering on the AWS Cloud that can be integrated with your existing infrastructure.

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Why choose Amazon Workspaces?

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    Cost Effective

    Unlike investing in on-premises infrastructure like full desktops, you can launch and remove Amazon WorkSpaces at any time with no upfront costs. You can also acquire the software you need with pay-as-you-go pricing or use your existing corporate licences. These capabilities allow you to remain flexible and reduce your overall TCO.

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    When users access their desktops using Amazon WorkSpaces, a remote display protocol is used to compress, encrypt, and encode data so that only encrypted images are transmitted. Uses the latest remote desktop protocol PCoIP to enhance the user experience and desktop performance delivery.

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    Easy to Manage

    The WorkSpaces admin console allows you to easily add or remove users, and Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager simplifies the deployment and management of corporate applications. AWS manages the infrastructure, so you can focus on your users and their productivity. Adding/removing users and distributing software is simple and quick.

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    Your users can access familiar business desktops with full fidelity. Manage your WorkSpaces with your existing systems and management tools. AWS provides a fast, familiar experience across all devices, integrates with your on-premises network and Microsoft Active Directory, allowing to use corporate credentials, and the IT department to maintain existing policies & processes.

Managed Cloud Microsoft Remote Desktops

Managed Cloud Microsoft Remote Desktops, Remote Apps and Amazon Appstream 2.0

i2m designs, builds and manages highly available cloud Remote Desktop and Remote Apps environments using Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. i2m also specializes in Amazon Appstream 2.0 environments using AWS’s Appstream 2.0 service for delivering graphics and data science applications, processed by the cloud, delivered globally with unrecognized performance degradation compared to running on a users local high performance desktop, laptop or 2in1. i2m manages these environments from A-Z, including patching, updates, pro-active monitoring and alerting and incident response and resolution. i2m has fine grained control and management of these environments to deliver an exceptional user experience. Connect to your corporate apps and data from any device using your existing corporate identities.

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