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i2m BCDR Solutions

i2m is an AWS partner focusing on deploying Best Practice solutions for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. i2m provides AWS Advanced BCDR Solutions for a wide variety of industries looking to modernize their Disaster Recovery capabilities to meet compliance and regulations. i2m helps organizations leverage comprehensive BCDR solutions in a cost effective, well-architected framework on AWS.

BCDR Plans

The Pilot Light Plan

While backup and restore are focused on data, the Pilot Light plan includes servers, database applications and full technology solution stacks. Companies can provision core infrastructure only needed for the critical business impacting applications. When disaster strikes, using AWS’s along with i2m’s automated DR services, we can quickly provision your core or complete production environment in the cloud with very low Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RTO and RPO).

Stage1: Users and systems access your local corporate office environment. Data is replicated asynchronously to the cloud environment on a custom recurring schedule to capture the latest incremental data changes. Some servers or services running 24/7 using minimal capacity and some for only a few mins/hours a day to synchronize the data across your environments.

Stage 2: Disaster scenario occurs to production system, standby systems start up and perform verification tasks to then have all users and systems re-directed to access the cloud disaster recovery environment with which ensures minimal downtime.

Warm Standby

Taking the Pilot Light model one step further, Warm Standby creates an active/passive cluster keeping your production systems in sync with the disaster recovery environment. The minimum amount of capacity is provisioned for the standby environment in AWS. When needed, the standby environment rapidly scales up to meet full capacity production demands. Organizations can achieve (near) 100% uptime using this method.

Hot Site (Active/Active)

Hot Site is an active/active cluster with both cloud and on-premise components to it. Using Amazon’s Route53 weighted DNS and health checking, we can determine how much application traffic to process in-house and on AWS. If a disaster or spike in load occurs, all or some of the traffic can be routed to AWS services across different regions giving your applications a global presence when needed.


Traditional Backup and Restore

Businesses can leverage their existing backup solution as-is, or supplement it with i2m’s storage, backup and recovery solutions to replicate data into AWS’s global cloud storage services and meet compliance and data regulations. Depending on their needs, organizations use different Amazon S3’s Storage Classes for live highly accessed and durable data, reduced redundancy for reproducible data, long-lived but less frequently accessed data, and long-term archiving and digital data preservation. i2m integrates with AWS’s rich set of  security, encryption and replication services to provide superior data backup and recovery services. In the event of a disaster, data can be made available on AWS infrastructure or restored from the cloud to on-premise, cloud service providers or any location of your choice.

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