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Network Services

Advanced Care

Advanced Care for Your Critical Infrastructure and Systems

Managed network services from i2m will improve agility and reduce cost, downtime and complexity across all your hybrid, cloud, local and wide area networks. We offer a wealth of real-world experience to take your infrastructure to the level you need to support your growing business. We take the time to make sure you understand the technologies you rely on and provide the analytics to help you maximize performance and minimize problems in your networks.

24×7 Predictive Monitoring and Proactive Support

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    i2m Monitoring Solution

    i2m utilizes Nagios and Check_MK daily in order to provide a centralized solution for monitoring and supporting our clients worldwide. i2m provides installation services and ongoing management services for Nagios and Check_MK.

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    Experience Matters

    i2m has a proven track record and over fifteen years of experience in successful, large, secure and distributed implementations of Nagios and Check_MK.

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    Trusted Partner

    i2m is a certified AWS partner that specializes in secure integrations of monitoring systems into the cloud. This allows us to consolidate existing monitoring services and create centralized monitoring solutions for our clients.

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    Customizable Notifications

    Customizable and comprehensive, rule-based notifications to fulfill complex requirements regarding time periods, service levels and more... Notifications via email, sms, and 3rd party tools, such as Slack.

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    Automated Actions

    Unique system to automatically detect and configure monitored endpoints/services as well as automated triggering of actions in reaction to a detected problem.

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    Custom Health Checks

    An extensive library of custom health checks for state-based and event-based monitoring.

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    Secure Access

    Secure and private access to central monitoring management console and monitoring nodes where the client can access interactive, graphic maps and diagrams with live-monitoring data of their systems and services.

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    Custom Plug-ins

    Over 1,500 included plug-ins for all kinds of hardware and software in your enterprise.

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    Open Source

    Both Check_MK Raw Edition and Nagios Core are open source and require no licensing fees.

Network Services

i2m Managed Network Services

    • LAN Management
    • WAN Management
    • Cloud Networking Optimization for AWS and other CSPs
    • Network Edge, Router, Firewall & Telcom Management
    • Network Audits
    • Migration Planning
    • VPN Management Services
    • Web Filtering Services
    • Network Operations Center
    • Network System Integration Services
    • Network Consulting Services
    • Network Security Services and Penetration Testing
    • Network Implementation Services
    • Network Project Management Services
    • WiFi Implementations
    • VoIP Implementations

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