DNS Protection

Do you know what DNS poisoning is? It is when a malicious actor tries to divert you to a page that looks like a website you trust to steal yourcredentials. DNS protection can stop this from happening because it knows the correct IP address of where you are trying to go. If someone tries to direct you to a bad website, DNS protection recognizes the malicious link and stops you from landing on that page. This is the most important function of DNS protection, but there are other useful functions. You can also use it to
preemptively block websites that may have inappropriate or malicious content.

One of the reasons DNS protection is great is that it helps protect you no matter where you are accessing the internet. Unlike a VPN which can be turned on and off, DNS lives on your machine and is always working. For our clients there is no installation process, it simply needs to be turned
on. Get in touch so we can add DNS protection for you today!